Analysis frequency of output

04-Unexpected behaviour/errors
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Analysis frequency of output

Post by SilviaCostanzo »

Good morning,

I recognized some problems in setting the frequency of output of the analyses.

In the panel "Analysis Output" of Pre-processor i try to modify the frequency of output from 1 to 10. Moreover i try to deselect some elements or nodes response parameters.

Than i save the project, and close the file.

When I open the file, i find that the frequency of output is set again on 1, and all the response parameters are selected.

Can you help me?

Thanks in advance,

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Re: Analysis frequency of output

Post by seismosoft »

Thank you for reporting this problem.
Indeed, there is a bug in the save & load functions of SeismoStruct v2016, regarding the output frequency parameter, and the parameter is not saved. However, if you change the parameter before running the analysis this settings is kept. The bug will be fixed in the upcoming v2018 release.
Seismosoft Support
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