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plotting options for fourier spectra.

Posted: 19 Mar 2021, 14:44
by gcanetta
Hi. I'm a new user. I have to plot fourier spectra of several accelerograms, using dB as units and limiting the range to 1-100 Hz. I have cretaed a plot options file, template.gtf, 1) introducing a log scale for y axis, 2) setting the frequency range limits to the X axis, and 3) replacing labels of the Y axis with the corresponding dB values (e.g, 1e-6 g = 20 dB, 1e-5 g = 40 dB etc.). However, when restaring the program, after reloading the plot options file template.gtf,settings 2) and 3) are lost.
How can I do?

Re: plotting options for fourier spectra.

Posted: 23 Mar 2021, 09:29
by seismosoft
Not all plot options are stored in the gtf file (there are thousands) .
Only the most important options can be saved and retrieved unfortunately.
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