punching force

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punching force

Post by ibrahimmetwally » 19 Nov 2017, 10:39

Dear Colleagues


I want to know can SesmoStruct determine the punching force in the joint between concrete slab and supporting column in the flat slab building? if yes, please tell me HOW? THANKS.

The second questions is how to apply the 3 ground motions(in X, Y and Z directions) in time history analysis simultaneity for one structures?

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Re: punching force

Post by huffte » 19 Nov 2017, 21:24

I'm not certain about the punching shear issue, but I imagine that Seismostruct is not ideal for predicting such behavior. There may be ways to mimic the mechanism with links and the like.

Regarding the simultaneous application of accelerations in X, Y, and Z directions - simply define the three separate curves and create dynamic acceleration loadings at the support nodes for the three separate curves in their respective directions.

Best of luck.
Tim Huff

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