siesmostruct versus seisobuild

03-Analytical/modelling capabilities
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siesmostruct versus seisobuild

Post by ibrahimmetwally » 01 Mar 2017, 17:25

Dear Staff
many Greetings
I have some technical questions as
1- what are the major differences between seismstruct and siesmobuild?
2- which is considered able to run advanced nonlinear analysis seismstruct or siesmobuild
3- Can seismostruct model FRP-strengthened concrete building? if yes, hence what are the differences between it and seismobuild regrading this issue?
4-which of both is capable to show the cracking of concrete after nonlinear analysis?
5- Can seismstruct and siesmobuild show the generated plastic hinges after nonlinear analysis of concrete structures? if yes, tell me HOW?
6- How to define the nonlinear behavior of concrete, steel and FRP in seismobuild? Can I insert the userdefined data for nonlinear behaviour of concrete? HOW?
7-Can seismstruct and siesmobuild model the progressive collapse of concrete buildings?
Please answer my questions fast and in details. THANKS
Dr. Ibrahim Metwally

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Re: siesmostruct versus seisobuild

Post by z.gronti » 03 Mar 2017, 09:15

Dear Dr. Ibrahim Metwally,

Please refer to SeismoStruct and SeismoBuild customer flyers and technical information sheets available in Seismosoft's webpage in the links below:
Zoi Gronti
Seismosoft Srl.

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Re: siesmostruct versus seisobuild

Post by seismosoft » 04 Mar 2017, 16:27

1. SeismoStruct is mainly a tool for carrying out nonlinear analysis and is targeted mainly to the Academia, although it has capabilities for carrying out code-based member checks. On the contrary SeismoBuild is targeted to the average design office and is capable of carrying out full code-based methodologies (EC8, NTC2008 and KANEPE are currently supported, but ASCE 41 and the Turkish code will be included in SBuild 2017). It also allows for the export of the CAD drawings and the technical report.

2. Both of them.

3. No differences.

4. Only SeismoStruct. However the reach of the capacity in code-based checks can be shon on colour in both programs

5. Yes, both program can do this in the deformed shape page of the post-processor.

6. No, you cannot do this in SeismoBuild, only in SeismoStruct.

7. SeismoStruct can do this, using the ability to activate and deactivate any of the structural elements.

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