Insert column using coordinate point

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Insert column using coordinate point

Post by waltertw » 19 Apr 2018, 04:42


I want to know is there any way to insert column or wall using coordinate point approach (conventional). Currently I notice in both SeismoBuild and Seismostruct, the elements are insert through overlay on dwg. Correct me if I am wrong. Hope to hear from you reply soon. Thank you.


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Re: Insert column using coordinate point

Post by z.gronti » 19 Apr 2018, 11:54

Dear waltertw,

Within the Building Modeller, in both SeismoBuild and SeismoStruct, you can assign a column without any DWG background. The possibility of inserting a DWG as a background is offered in order to help users to model their structures easier, and it is not a prerequisite for structural modelling. The Snap & Grid properties might also help you in inserting the member easier. You may also edit the member's coordinates within the Member's Properties window and assign the exact coordinates of the column.
Finally, in SeismoStruct you can insert your structure within the main program, without using the Building Modeller facility, as shown in the video below: ... 238683694/
Zoi Gronti
Seismosoft Srl.

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