SMA relocation in plastic hinge region

01-Installation of new versions
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Re: SMA relocation in plastic hinge region

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Dear AshwiniAmbadasParde,

The plastic-hinges/damage locations that are visible in the Deformed Shape Viewer of the Post-Processor just show the members' location where the performance criteria that you have selected to view, and you have implemented in the Pre-Processor, are reached. Hence, you should check if the implemented performance criteria are reasonable and correspond to your model.
Zoi Gronti
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Re: SMA relocation in plastic hinge region

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When you subdivide a member to 4 sub-element, probably the best frame element type is the dispacement-based one infrmDB.
Note that the infrmDB is only suitable and accurate with short elements (e.g. element with lengths L/4 or L/5 of a member).

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