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by huffte
13 Nov 2020, 14:39
Forum: 04-Unexpected behaviour/errors
Topic: Static Pushover analysis on a Bridge Model.
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Re: Static Pushover analysis on a Bridge Model.

What element type are you using - DB (displacement-based) or FB (force-based)? If DB, you may need to subdivide elements. Just a thought. Also double-check units.
by huffte
08 Nov 2020, 15:02
Forum: 04-Unexpected behaviour/errors
Topic: link element
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Re: link element

The models may now be downloaded directly from the Sample Models section at the SeismoSoft website.

At, Select Support-->SeismoStruct-->Free Sample Models.
by huffte
05 Oct 2020, 15:55
Forum: 02-Analytical capabilities
Topic: Time-Step Change
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Re: Time-Step Change

Increasing the time step will actually omit some of the data. Decreasing the time step will increase the resolution by linear interpolation between original points. When you multiplied the time step by 4 you actually omitted a large section of the data. That is why it changed. You can load an accele...
by huffte
21 Sep 2020, 14:14
Forum: 03-Analytical/modelling capabilities
Topic: Pounding Effect
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Re: Pounding Effect

A forum search on the term 'pounding' will give quite a few hits and should get you on your way.
by huffte
21 Sep 2020, 14:13
Forum: 03-Analytical/modelling capabilities
Topic: Base Isolator
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Re: Base Isolator

There are some models of isolated structures on the SeismoStruct support page found here: Isolators in these models have been treated as link-type elements using, for example, the bi-linear kinetic, link element. See the User's Manual fo...
by huffte
15 Sep 2020, 17:58
Forum: 03-Unexpected behaviour/errors
Topic: Seismomatch- Matching of Time History
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Re: Seismomatch- Matching of Time History

First, this is not unusual. A pioneer of spectral matching has been quoted as saying that 80% of the records generated through such processes should be discarded. This does not mean it is not a valuable tool. It just means you have to put a good deal of work into doing it correctly. Your period rang...
by huffte
03 Sep 2020, 15:10
Forum: 03-Analytical/modelling capabilities
Topic: How to define element class for concrete shear wall element?
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Re: How to define element class for concrete shear wall element?

Chapter 4, Example 2, of the Verification Report should be an excellent guide in modelling shear wall structures. It is found on Page 77 of the Report.
by huffte
02 Sep 2020, 14:19
Forum: 04-Unexpected behaviour/errors
Topic: cyclic loading for masonry infilled frame
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Re: cyclic loading for masonry infilled frame

The following verification problems should be very useful in understanding the steps required for various forms of cyclic loading. Chapter 2, Example 11. 2D Frame Subjected to Earthquake Loading Chapter 2, Example 16. SDOF System Subjected to Harmonic Loading Chapter 4, RC Building Example 1. Nonlin...
by huffte
01 Sep 2020, 00:41
Forum: 04-Unexpected behaviour/errors
Topic: IDA not yielding results
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Re: IDA not yielding results

Just to be clear and rule out the potential units issue: 1. When you define the time history curve, you specify a factor of 0.01 to get cm to m. 2. When you define the loading, you specify a factor of 1.0, since you converted the units in defining the curve. If these are true, I believe you are corr...
by huffte
31 Aug 2020, 16:02
Forum: 02-Getting started with the modelling
Topic: eigen value
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Re: eigen value

You can place a node in the exact center and connect it to the corners with rigid links. Depending on your intended model, you may have to use rigid links to more than the corners.

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