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by Pandelis1998
05 Apr 2021, 10:48
Forum: 04-Unexpected behaviour/errors
Topic: Periods at RSA
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Periods at RSA

Dears, I am using Seismostruct 2020. At the modal analysis I am using two different ways to calculate the cracked stiffness : a)Calculate Cracked Stiffness from user defined ratios. b)Calculate Cracked Stiffness from My/θy ratios. Although I observe at the results of response spectrum analysis : the...
by Pandelis1998
03 Mar 2021, 09:44
Forum: 03-Unexpected behaviour/errors
Topic: Code check using RSA
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Code check using RSA

Dears, At this moment I am trying to check my structure using RSA but as I observe there is not a choice to do that. For example, I have already made a code check using static analysis (non-variable loading) and I would like to do the same code checks using RSA. Could you please help me fix this out...

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