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by z.gronti
28 Nov 2022, 17:12
Forum: 06-Referencing and license issues
Topic: Seismomatch License
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Re: Seismomatch License

Dear Serkan Nuri Taştekin,

The sales department should have replied to you on Friday. Please send an email at if you face further problems and have questions regarding your commercial license key.
by z.gronti
17 Nov 2022, 11:35
Forum: 01-Installation of new versions
Topic: Installation Error! (Fail to get UBR)
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Re: Installation Error! (Fail to get UBR)

Dear San Htet Aung,

Could you please check if you use the current version of SeismoMatch available in

Also, could you send me a screenshot of the error message you receive and your license's key details at
by z.gronti
11 Nov 2022, 14:35
Forum: 05-Referencing and license issues
Topic: Academic license
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Re: Academic license

Dear Nisha1717 ,

The Seismosoft Licensing team has respond to your request but they received a mail delivery failure message. The Seismosoft Licensing team should have found way to contact you.
by z.gronti
07 Nov 2022, 08:53
Forum: 03-Analytical/modelling capabilities
Topic: Tsunami Parameters
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Re: Tsunami Parameters

Dear valeahrens, As it is written in SeismoStruct's User Manual: "ASCE 7-16 Time-Series: Depth and Velocity time series of Figure 6.8-1 of the chapter 6 of ASCE 7-16. In order to fully define the time-series, the Maximum Inundation Depth (hmax) and Flow velocity (umax) of the Maximum Considered Tsun...
by z.gronti
02 Nov 2022, 13:00
Forum: 02-Getting started with the modelling
Topic: infill walls
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Re: infill walls

Dear by kaman, The first post you wrote was about modelling the short column. If you do not need to model the short column anymore, then you should either assign the infill in full height in the Building Modeller, so that you will get a single column in SeismoStruct, or you may delete the short colu...
by z.gronti
27 Oct 2022, 10:43
Forum: 01-Installation of new versions
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Dear AsiminaGar,

Could you please send me your model at to check it?
by z.gronti
20 Oct 2022, 10:02
Forum: 03-Analytical/modelling capabilities
Topic: stiffness
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Re: stiffness

Dear Dojcin, I would like to add to Mr. Huff's post the paragraph about cracked stiffness available in SeismoStruct's User Manual: Users may take into account the effect of cracking during the linear analyses, i.e. Eigenvalue and Response Spectrum analyses, by selecting to use sections with cracked ...
by z.gronti
19 Oct 2022, 09:46
Forum: 02-Getting started with the modelling
Topic: Loads
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Re: Loads

Dear Dojcin, You do not have to assign the additional permanent load applied to the beams within the Building Modeller with the minus sign. The program automatically takes the positive value of the additional beam load to the -Z direction. The slab loads distributed to the supported beams and the ad...
by z.gronti
17 Oct 2022, 06:04
Forum: 01-Installation of new versions
Topic: Save in older version
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Re: Save in older version

Dear Asimina,

Currently, the requested feature is not available.
by z.gronti
11 Oct 2022, 15:18
Forum: 02-Getting started with the modelling
Topic: Beam
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Re: Beam

Dear by kaman, As it is written in SeismoStruct's User Manual: Slabs are modelled in SeismoStruct as rigid diaphragms that connect the beams, columns and walls in their perimeter and as additional loads applied to the beams. Obviously, in the case of cantilevered slabs no rigid diaphragm is created ...

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