SeismoStruct v7.0.6 released!

SeismoStruct v7.0.6 has just been released, fixing an important bug in the stiffness proportional damping.   

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SeismoStruct v7.0.5 released!

SeismoStruct v7.0.5 has just been released, fixing a bug regarding the employment of force loading curves in the Incremental Dynamic Analysis (IDA).   

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SeismoStruct v7.0.4 released!

SeismoStruct v7.0.4 has just been released, fixing two bugs regarding the initialization of link elements in Incremental Dynamic Analysis (IDA) and the extraction of the response of link elements in SeismoStruct Batch facility.   ......

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New version of SeismoArtif..

New version of SeismoArtif (v2.1.3) has been released, fixing a bug that prevented the use of envelopes from real accelerograms.

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New versions of SeismoSignal, SeismoSpect, SeismoMatch and SeismoArtif..

New versions of SeismoSignal (v5.1.2), SeismoSpect (v2.1.2), SeismoMatch (v2.1.2) and SeismoArtif (v2.1.2) have been released, fixing a problem with the academic license request, caused by the settings of our new website. ......

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SeismoStruct v7.0.3 released!

A new version of SeismoStruct has been released, fixing a problem with the academic license request caused by our new website. Further, certain changes have been introduced that facilitate the installation of the program in network environments......

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New website and forum published

A new and completely revamped website has just been published. We hope you will find it to provide you with not only a clearer and more complete overview of Seismosoft's activities, but also with an easier access to its products and services. A ne......

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SeismoStruct v7.0.2 released!

A new version of SeismoStruct has been released, fixing a bug in the movies creator facility that was preventing its use.  

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SeismoStruct v7.0.1 released!

A new version of SeismoStruct has been released, featuring some minor bug fixes regarding:   1) Stress Points: selection, visualisation and removal 2) IDA analysis: performance criteria 3) Confinement Factor: Help button in dialog......

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SeismoStruct v7 now available, with impressive new features

Version 7 of award-winning SeismoStruct has just been released, featuring the following new major analysis/modelling capabilities: 1) Response Spectrum analysis 2) CAD-based Building Modeller (Note: not available in academic vers......

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